Advance Placement for Military Experience

A class group photo of nursing students with military experience.


Individuals who have held Military Health Care Occupations may achieve advanced placement into the Associate Degree in Nursing program if they provide adequate documentation of education and experience equivalent to and/or exceeding the NR75.1A course requirements and learning outcomes. Candidates for advanced placement must have their educational records and experience individually evaluated by the Director of the ADN program. If the Director determines that prior education and experience meet equivalency requirements, the candidate will be offered the opportunity to complete a challenge exam, dosage calculation exam and skills competency evaluation for the NR75.2A fundamentals course. Successful candidates will be granted advanced placement at the level the Director determines is appropriate based on education, experience, and successful completion of advanced placement testing. In order to be eligible for advanced placement consideration, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. Applicants must meet all general entrance requirements of the Associate Degree Nursing Program, including completion of course prerequisites and achieving the minimum accepted score on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS).
  2. Acceptance of Military Challenge students into the Associate Degree Nursing Program is contingent upon space availability, skills competency, 75% or above on the Challenge Exam and 95% on a dosage calculation quiz.

Individuals who have prior Military Health Care education and experience, and hold a current unrestricted LVN license, may apply for advanced placement into the LVN to RN bridge program during the annual application period if they meet all of the requirements for that program.


Interested candidates must submit an application for admission during the appropriate annual application period. Candidates should include a cover letter requesting advanced placement consideration. If the candidate is accepted for provisional enrollment in the ADN program through the lottery process, an appointment with the Director of the ADN program must be requested by the candidate no later than two weeks following notification of provisional acceptance in the nursing program to discuss eligibility requirements for the Associate Degree Nursing Program and review prior education and experience qualifications.

  1. Applicants applying for advanced placement must submit the following materials verifying education and experience:
  1. Transcripts from appropriate education program(s), demonstrating satisfactory completion of coursework and clinical experience;
  2. Proof of honorable discharge (DD214) or current active honorable service documentation (letter from current supervisor);
  3. Documentation of applicable health care experience.
  1. After a review of the applicant’s documentation, and upon determination that the applicant has met the educational and experience requirements, as well as the additional nursing program admission requirements, the student will be required to take a written challenge examination, a competency skills evaluation, and a dosage calculation exam.
  2. The following materials will be available to the applicant once challenge confirmation is made:
  1. Course syllabus, including course objectives;
  2. Course outline of record;
  3. List of skills being tested;
  4. Example of style and format of dosage calculation exam.
  1. Written and skills competency examinations for advanced placement must be completed at least four weeks prior to admission to the program.
  2. Advanced placement will be granted only if the applicant meets minimum learning outcome requirements equivalent to those required of students enrolled in the actual course and space is available for placement.