Program Costs

Nursing students and staff members posing for a group photo


Financial obligations for the program include SRJC fees, textbooks, laboratory kits, stethoscopes, equipment, and uniforms.  In addition, a personal computer with Internet access is highly recommended, and students are required to travel to many different clinical sites, so an automobile/gas is also necessary. This is a more detailed breakdown of basic estimated costs (in-state tuition):

Program Requirements

Amount for Two Years/Four Semesters

(Nursing Program Costs Only)


$ 1,748 (resident)/$15,732 (non-resident)





Books and Kaplan program


(most purchased in first semester)

Uniforms, Supplies, and Equipment


(most purchased in first semester)

Total Estimated Cost for ADN Program

$5240 (resident)/$19,224 (non-resident)